Program Motto: “Transforming Boys to Men”

Program Vision: To meet the cultural and social needs of young, African American males in Ingham, Clinton, and Eaton Counties (Michigan) by providing them with an effective support network of role models who are determined to help them realize their fullest potential in society.

Program Mission: The Turning Point of Lansing transforms boys to men by providing an afrocentric group mentoring experience that gives young African American males an opportunity to explore life’s challenges all while developing strategies for success in their lives, school, and communities.

Program Goals:
The Turning Point of Lansing will:

1) Establish pride in African American males

2) Provide motivation for academic and personal achievement

3) Provide direction on tough issues

4) Provide a forum for discussion

5) Establish meaningful relationships through group mentoring

Program Overview: The Turning Point of Lansing provides African American males in grades 7 through 12 with an afrocentric group mentoring experience.  The program has been in operation for over 12 years and has now come into its own as an independent program and is 501 c (3) certified.  With the many seminars and workshops that the program offers, several key issues are addressed, such as education, relationships, health, communication skills, professionalism, financial responsibility, and sexual responsibility. The many seminars and workshops allow young men to become more aware of their role in society, their responsibility as men, and how they can start making their societal impact immediately. The culmination of the program’s annual activities is a Rites of Passage ceremony, where graduating seniors are recognized. The ceremony is also symbolic of the graduating seniors moving into manhood.